Translation made easy? IMPOSSIBLE!

This is definitely one of my favorite lines: “translation made easy”.

Yes, there are actually some people (and maybe even translation agencies and/or companies) that try to convince everyone that translation is no big deal. It doesn’t take time, it doesn’t take knowledge, it doesn’t take particular skills. In short, anyone can do that.

… but that’s what they think.

“We offer translations at really low prices, e.g. 50% less than anyone else!”

Seriously, do you really think others are stupid? Do you really believe they don’t realize that there must be a reason behind such a low price? (a huge decrease in quality, maybe?).


“We are able to offer very low price thanks to our ultra-super-revolutionary CAT-Tool that does all the work by itself!”

So, you claim to be a professional without knowing what a CAT-Tool does. This says a lot about your competence (which, obviously, must be below zero).

Let me clarify something here:

CAT is the acronym of Computer Aided Translation: it means that your computer helps you while you’re working, i.e. by giving you a two-column view with the source text on the left and letting you write YOUR translation on the right.

The “software that does all the work by itself” is called a Machine Translation software, which no professional translator worthy of the name would use. Ever.


“We can count on 65,464,955,052+ mega-professional/best and brightest/incomparable/ultra-experienced translators!”

I don’t think there are that many skilled and professional translator on Earth who are able work from and into every possible language pair…


Am I the only one to see a flaw in their plan?


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