4 tips for successful content translation

Hello everyone! Don’t worry, I will not write and endless article: instead, I’ll go straight to the point!


  1. Never ever ever ever ever use Machine Translation

When you translate creative content, sometimes you need to recreate the language or even create a brand new language: all this is way beyond the “skills” of Machine Translation software.


  1. Know your translation partner

Thinking about contacting a multinational translation agency? Wait, there’s something you need to consider.

Do you know who will translate your content? Are you sure that this translator is qualified to do this job? Can you verify his/her credential? Is there a way to test his/her abilities before assigning the big job?

If the answer to all these questions is “no”, perhaps you should consider a different approach. A freelance translator, maybe: it’s easy to test his/her skills, verify his/her credentials and decide whether or not he/she is suitable for the job.

No effort at all, and peace of mind guaranteed!


  1. Quick and well? Impossible

Do you need a translation service for your content? And do you need it done in no time?

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not the way it works.

You are looking for a quality service, and quality requires time.

After all, you needed time to write high-quality creative content, right?

(For further information: http://languageaddicted.com/translation-made-easy-impossible/)


  1. Low cost? Low quality!

Always keep in mind that quality has a price.

Picture this: you’re visiting an online portal looking for a car to buy, and find a very interesting ad. A luxury car is being sold at the price of a small city car.

Now, what would you think?

– “Wow, that’s a bargain!!”


– “Do you really think I’m going to fell for such a stupid trap?”

Well, the same happens in the translation industry.

And here’s a detailed explanation: http://languageaddicted.com/translation-is-not-for-dummies/


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